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Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
that romney started with last week? >> it didn't need to be a game changing movement. what paul ryan needed to do was make his point to america that he is ready to be vice president and president if need be. and he absolutely did that. he was strong, he was resolute, and he stood up to very childish attacks from joe biden. some of the attacks were disappoint willing, the laughter, the smirking. it was very unvice presidential and unprofessional and at the end if you noticed when it was time to give their closing remarks, joe biden did not thank paul ryan, but paul ryan thanked joe biden. so on the overall picture, paul ryan did it great. does it help the momentum, it does. does it help democrats, it does not. democrats are still struggling take. >> julian, would you at least concede that biden was perhaps unprofessional with the laughter and some of the way he carried himself? >> i think joe biden did yesterday what he needed to do, which he needed to stop the momentum that romney had in the one bad week that the obama campaign has had since the debate last week. and i think biden did that.
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
that romney and ryan have been making but do it without sounding like a father. you'll have a generational gap on the stage and he has to be aggressive and assertive without looking like he's scolding a child and that will be difficulty that he faces. because lot of americans are looking for that articulation of what the administration has voiced going forward and that is also what he'll have to do. refute the facts, but also continue to give that vision going forward. >> sarah, what are the prospects for him to do that? >> welsh i think that i would expect that with the pressure as high as it is for democrats to recoup the events of the last week and the slippage in the polls asp% penny said, that he will come out guns ablazing. and you're right, he's good at those zingers. but if he overreaches and he's tooing as agrees sif, he'll end up hurting the democratic ticket further. i think the challenge for paul ryan is to really be in command of his facts. he's a smart, smart guy and he has a tendency sometimes to get a little too wonkish. and with such a wide swathe of the american public expect
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2